The Burren Backroom Series/24 Hour Concerts

The Burren Backroom Series/24 Hour Concerts

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Grain Thief and Danny Golden

Grain Thief

Grain Thief is a 5-piece Americana band from Boston, Massachusetts. The self-proclaimed "Northern Country Barn Grass" band released their new EP "Animal" in the fall in November of 2016. The band is singer-songwriter/guitarist Patrick Mulroy, Tom Farrell on guitar, Zach Meyer on Mandolin, Alex Barstow on Violin, and Mike Harmon on the Bass fiddle.

"In a day an age where the chamber-grass of Punch Brothers and anything with a banjo could be classified as ‘bluegrass’ music the unadulterated and raw sound of straight bluegrass music is a well welcomed gift to my ears. ... sometimes I just want some no apologies pickin’ and hollering with soaring fiddles and quick paced mandolin runs. Grain Thief is that kind of band…and for that, I thank them." -Red Line Roots, Jan 6th, 2016

Danny Golden

Danny Golden writes about what he knows, and what he knows is this: We all share one story, we just tell it differently. Golden’s artistry lies in feeling. Listening to his songs, his words become yours, his stories are hazy memories of a shared human experience. He developed his sense of songwriting by immersing himself in the music of the greats: Dylan, Cohen, Young, and Van Zandt, or, as he calls them, ‘The Mt. Rushmore of songwriters.’ Golden spent his childhood in Pittsburgh listening to Jackson Browne and Van Morrison, followed by the psychedelic drench of jam bands in high school. Those days of Phish and the Dead lent him his chops—followed by college years in Colorado of classical music studies by day and playing in bluegrass and rock bar bands by night—creating a musician who can play more than he does. It’s all in the details. Golden’s always been a musician, but it wasn’t until moving to Austin, with its history and style, sweltering heat and musical culture, that Danny Golden the songwriter was born. Golden’s music is rooted in tradition but not stuck to a time or place. It’s simply here, it’s simply now. The new cats lend a hand, too. We get Sturgill’s country twang and Father John’s cultural skepticism. It’s a distillation of influences stomped to the ground and guzzled down as a new cocktail. Golden’s first record, Uptown Islands, Downtown Ghosts, is catchy and smart, funny without relying on a wink and a nod. His songs are deeply felt, music written from experience: love and hate, anger and fear, joy and solitude, certainty and confusion. This music aims to dig at experience and unearth whatever may be lying there, good or bad. It takes a bravery to allow this vulnerability, to write with purpose and show the results, whatever they may be. These are songs he cares about, because they are him. They’re rooted in realness, which is what Golden’s music is hell-bent on exploring. These are songs of action—why we do the things we do and who we do them for. Songs about push and pull, gut feelings and pensive actions. The perspectives may vary, but Golden knows we’re all looking for the same things. His music is the story of the search, and no one tells it quite like Danny Golden.
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